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Hi! I'm Jenni[edit]

Is Jenni my real name or a nick name or just a name pulled from the blue? No one knows accept for ME. :P Fine, now YOU know. Jenni is my real name, but everyone goes, no, it's gotta be Jenny, not Jenni! But it IS Jenni whether you like it or not! :P Anyways, I'm new to Wikipedia but have used it for a couple projects for school. I'll try to be online as much as possible!

Have To Read Books[edit]

I read 24/7 (well, not quite!) so I made a list of books that you HAVE to read!

Touching Spirit Bear

The Magician's Nephew

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Oh just read all of the C. S. Lewis books for pete's sake! :P

Just Ask Iris


I ask a lot of questions that I don't know the answers to. Some are kinda weird, some are just plain dumb, and some are pulled from outa the blue. If you know the answer to one of my questions, please fill the answers in and put your signature behind or in front of it!

Q: There is a Nancy Drew computer game called 'Treasure of the Royal Tower.' Is there a book in the series with the same title, or a book in the series with the same thought-line?

A: Yes! I looked it up for you and found it: [1] Everyking 06:37, 25 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Q: Who on earth is Adam Sandler?

A: I found out: He's this dude that supposedly every teen age guy admires and he's on comedy shows or somethin' like that.

Q: There's this guy who neomailed me and he said: "olo ha cousin was up" Does that sound like Adam Sandler to you? (that was Q1) He says that's what Adam said to him. I don't barely know who this dude is, so will ya help out here? And does Adam Sandler have a cousin who's name is Josh? (that qas Q2)



You might try looking up some of those subjects right on this site; Wikipedia has entries on Adam Sandler and Nancy Drew that have a good deal of information on them, perhaps including the info you want. You can also go to Google and type those things in, and see what else you find. Dtobias 16:22, 31 Dec 2004 (UTC)
I tried before on Adam and couldn't find anything. I tried Nancy Drew and couldn't find it either.

Q: Can you die from eating limestone? (highly doubt it)

A: I was right. OF COURSE NOT. Courtney is so vulnerable sometimes.

Q: What on EARTH is


My Addictions[edit]

I love snow!!! I just love it because I live in Texas and it only snows for a lil while. The snow melts in 2 hours!!! I am also a user on neopets, so I made a guild about snow where our snow never melts. My username is fortelupe and my guild's name is ***Let it Snow!*** A couple of my best friends on neopets and off are: shaynarado2020, operagirl31, sobori, and supah_fenna. Some of them are in my guild, but shaynarado isn't. Anyways, the guild's all about snow, but it's not very glamorous. We love to chat and just talk and have fun together. We help eachother with quests and we're all nice to eachother and no one gets left out! Of course, you don't really care about neopets do you? Oh well.

My Favorite Songs[edit]

Everything to Me sung by Avalon

Party Up sung by Hilary Duff

Inner Strength sung by Hilary Duff

Simple Things sung by Amy Grant

Spoken For sung by MercyMe

Only Hope sung by Caedmon's Call

Sweet Sixteen sung by Hilary Duff

Little Voice sung by Hilary Duff

The Math sung by Hilary Duff

Why Not sung by Hilary Duff

Legacy sung by Nichole Nordeman

Love Just Is sung by Hilary Duff

Day by Day sung by Point of Grace

You Are a Child of Mine sung by Mark Schultz

Someone's Watching Over Me sung by Hilary Duff

Here With Me sung by MercyMe

Face of Christ by Chris Rice

Cartoons by Chris Rice

Who Am I sung by Casting crowns

Letters From War sung by Chris Rice

Gone sung by TobyMac

Rock This World sung by Hilary Duff

We Come To Praise sung by Michael James

I'm not done!!!


What I Am[edit]

What I'm wearing: A navy blue shirt that has my music group's name on it and faded jean capris.

What I'm doing: admiring my new cursor

What I'm listening to: T.V.

What I'm thinking about: Yay! Kate's back!

Where I am: In the gameroom

Jenni's Treasure Box[edit]

This section is just random information that I pick up from places on the web, in books, in newspapers, letters, or just by talking to people. Sometimes I even get the information off of cereal boxes! :P I try to put one thing in my treasure box each day so it'll glitter like a pirate's treasure chest. :)

Some Eskimos eat fish eyes. Ewwww!!!

Hilary Duff's new year resolution was to cut down on talking on her cell phone.

When ya see an alligator (or was it a crocodile?) run zig-zig cuz they can't run that way.

You can buy a life on Ebay for 5 bucks. (joking of course)

There are more people of Swedish decent in the U.S. than Swedes in Sweden.

Squirrels flick their tails to the side to show friendliness.

To show leadership, wolves bite the others' noses.

Pluto was the god of the underworld.

To find the average velocity of an object, divide its total distance travelled by the time it took to travel that distance.

Umm... can't remember anything else at da moment...

I'll Be Back[edit]

I gotta go right now, so, bye!